Cabo fishing report

Cabo fishing report

Cabo fishing report March 14 2028

Yesterday we were At the dock Cleaning boats and doing Maintenance than a few of our boats came in with plenty of Dorados So we got on one of our boats and ran to San Jose del Cabo to see if we could find dorados because of the water temperature and the advice we got from our captains.

First we were out there all quiet and looking for bait on top of the water around the area they told us to go to but we couldn’t find any, So we just started looking at the water temperature charts and water currents as well.

Cabo fishing report

After a couple of hours we were all just making fun of each other laughing and having a great time than all of the sudden Felipe spotted something on top of the water that look like a bait ball so we all jump up and got ready .

As soon as we got the bait ball we saw a huge house floating on top of the water and it was Surrounded by lots of bait, Dorados eating them and a few sea turtles .

Right away we knew we have found a jackpot. We ended up gettin our max on Dorados and got home with a great dinner.

Our weather is nice and hot, the water temperatures are great and it’s bringing plenty of fish close to our shores.

If you are in town and want to go fishing make sure you go for ether striped marlins or dorados because thats what we are catching the most.

But if you want to go the distance and go in search of yellowfin tunas make sure you let me know so that we can go get it done.

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Cabo fishing report

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Game Fish 101: Striped Marlins Game Fishing

Game Fish 101: Striped Marlins Game Fishing

Game Fish 101: Striped Marlins Game Fishing

With its elongated body, spear-point bill, and an extended, stiff dorsal fin, the Marlin fish belong to the Istiophoridae family of fish.
The name “Marlin” is thought be a consequence of the resemblance of the fish with marlinspike; an implement that sailors use to untie knots, splice up ropes, as a clasp used to join ropes and other purposes.
Cabo San Lucas fishing report

Marlins are fast swimmers, with a swimming speed of 80 kilometers per hour or 50 miles per hour; outshining their close relatives called Scombrids.

The family has approximately 10 species of Marlin. Common species include the sailfish (Atlantic and Indo-Pacific), Black Marlin, Atlantic Blue Marlin, Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin, White, Marlin, Striped Marlin, Short Bill Spearfish, Round Scale Spearfish, Mediterranean Spearfish, and Long Bill Spearfish.

While all Marlin genera have their unique appearances and interesting features, Striped Marlins are of particular interest if you are fond of game fishing.

Striped Marlin

Also known as striper, stripey, spearfish, and spike-fish, striped marlin is a commercial and game fish, caught for eating and activity purposes respectively.

Pelagic and seasonally nomadic, the species is found in tropical and mild temperatures in Indo-Pacific waters.

Pelagic zones are those which are neither close to the bottom of the sea, nor the shore, with temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 25 °C. These striped beauties live in these zones, thus are pronounced pelagic. Striped marlin fish also tend to travel away from the equator during warm season and towards the equator during cold season.

The habitat of the fish stretches from the west coast of the United States, South America, and Mexico across Pacific and Indian Oceans, and ultimately widening to reach New Zealand and Africa.

Striped Marlin fish grow to be huge and powerful which makes it a popular game fish. As the name indicates, the body of these fish has stripes with which they are distinguished from the rest.   These cobalt blue colored stripes run vertically along the dorsal side of the body and are 10 to 20 in quantity.

Striped Marlin

The ventral side of the fish is white whereas the dorsal side is steely blue with bluish-silver upper flanks. These fish have a pair of ventral fins and an unusually elevated dorsal fin that’s the highest among all Marlin species.   

Marlins with stripes grow up to 420cm in length and the average weight ranges from 60 to 120 kilograms.

Fun fact: A Striped marlin weighing 190 kg, with a length of 13.8ft was recorded in 1982.

Distinguishing Stripies from the Rest

  • Physical Features:
    Striped Marlin fish have prominent stripes and a touch of cobalt and steely blue.
  • Sailfish versus Striped Marlins:
    Both sailfish and Striped marlins are members of the family of fishes with sword-like bills (i.e. billfish). If the top of the fish you see has a sail like fin with accordion pleats, you are mistaking sailfish with stripies.
  • Swordfish versus Striped Marlins:
    Swordfish do have sword-like snouts, but have pectoral fins that are extended below the body and elongated, but more rounded body. On the other hand, Striped marlins have pectoral fins that are small and hardly noticeable and long, tabular bodies.
  • Blue Marlins versus Striped Marlins:
    A Blue Marlin has a dorsal fin no taller than half of the depth of its body, a rounder body figure (if you split it open, the slice would be more or less round), and a lower jaw that’s dwarfed and thick. On the contrary, Striped marlins have dorsal fins as tall as the entire body, shows an egg-like shape (oval shape) sawed in half, and a lower jaw that is lean and tapered.

    Striped Marlin as a Game Fish

    Anglers that pursue fishing for recreational purposes opt for game fishing. Game fish that are caught during the activity can also be eaten later.

    Game fishing started after the introduction of motor boats. A nautical biologist and early ecologist, Charles Fredrick Holder invented this sport in the year 1989.

    Also known as offshore game fishing, offshore sport fishing, and blue-water fishing, Big-game fishing is a form of game fishing that targets large fish such as Striped marlins. Game fishermen regard Striped marlins as big fish with sport qualities.

    99.9% of big fishing is done through trolling. Trolling is a method in which one or more fishing lines are attached to the boat to be drawn through the water. These lines have baits or lures attached to attract big fish.

    Trolling could be done behind a moving boat or by leisurely winding the lines from a stationary position. The lines could also be swept from side-to-side to attract big fish. 

    Ballyhoo, a bait resembling fish of the halfbeak family, is very popular when it comes to catching Striped marlins.

Everything You Need to Know About Fly Fishing

Although no one will ever get a chance to interview Striped marlin on this subject, it is thought that spearfish such as Marlins are often full of squids and not hungry; yet a swift moving, shiny ballyhoo is enough to draw fish’s attention.

Big game fishing requires fishing in boats that are well outfitted and constructed for the sea, and has enough strength to move fish lovers from grounds to the sea and back.

Hiring suitable boats, buying fish tackle, fuel, consumables, and paying for anchoring fee, as well as other maintenance altogether make up a significant cost. Therefore, many fishermen and seasonal fishing fans choose to use charter services.

Cabo San Lucas -The Stripey Capital

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Standing high at the convergence point of two grand oceans; with the Gulf of California to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, it is an exemplary, rock-strewn cape. The cape is often known as the hub of Marlins.

Adjacent to the splendid cliff is a bountiful harbor named Los Cabos Marina, which serves as the launch point for world’s most productive Striped marlin fisheries. During spring season i.e. from mid-April to mid-June, the spot is more fruitful for Marlin fishing than it is in other seasons.

The waters of Baja get hit by Sailfish from April to October and Black and Blue Marlins between June and December, whereas Striped marlins are there irrespective of the months, all year round.

Due to the abundance of Marlins at Lucas, it has also been declared as the “Marlin Capital of the World”

All these features make Cabo San Lucas a clear-cut vacation spot and the best sport fishing waters in the world.

Fishing for striped marlin in Cabo San lucas

Fish Game in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you use charter services when going for Striped marlin fishing, you do not have to worry about buying and using fishing tools, and checking for maintenance. You even get fish-finding guidelines from your captain who is an expert in the same.   

For the ultimate, breathtaking landscapes of the ocean and wonderful fish game experience, nothing beats sailing through the waters in Cabo San Lucas in luxury yachts and fishing sport boats from the leading Cabo fishing charter company Tag Cabo Sportfishing. You Can Also read the Cabo fishing reports to know what to expect wile fishing in cabo.

What to expect from your big-game fishing excursion?  What fishing techniques are used? What type of fish do we catch? What are the chances of us catching Striped marlins? What happens after catching the fish? These are some of the questions that might pop-up when thinking of pursuing charter services, but you do not have to fret when you are getting it done with professionals as such.

With several years of experience in booking yachts and sport fishing boats, arranging fishing activities is not a big deal for specialized, knowledgeable providers. Your sport fishing dreams literally come to life if you get you trip planned from the experts in the field.

Fishing Yachts

Several different types of yachts and boats are used for game fishing. These boats are categorized depending upon their size and the type of fish game they are best suited to.

Differently sized boats are designed to accommodate small, medium, and large groups of people coming for fishing and cruising purposes.

  • 45 Feet Cabo Fly bridge

If you are looking for an extraordinary day with your family/friends and of course Striped marlins, the 45ft. Tail Chaser is a yacht that is commonly chosen. Picudo for sport fishing come with a wide range of fishing options that are customized to suit anglers’ needs.

Whether you are going for an offshore big-game fishing activity or catching smaller species in the shallow, Picudo can accommodate you.

The yacht has everything you need for fishing in Los Cabos. The yacht is stuffed with reels and tackles from Penn International and Shimano. You can also take a walk around the fly bridge that’s built in the 45ft. Picudo, to make fishing easier for you.

The boat has an inside salon area and a spacious cockpit. It can carry as many as 8 anglers at a time.

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From Lucas to Magdalena Bay in Baja, MX

The lightly populated region of Magdalena Bay (Mag Bay) has been a hotspot for Striped marlins for years. The centre of the bay falls on the southwestern coast of the Baja cape and is heavily populated with stripies.

Mag Bay waters are faultless and full of life. Months starting October through January are the peak season for fishing in the bay. Being an offshore fishing paradise, the place gets crowded during the peak season with people fond of big-game fishing.

The bay has become the hub for anglers targeting Marlins as it produces these fish in numbers that are matchless anywhere else in the world.

La Paz & Espiritu Santo Island

Ages before people appeared on Cabo San Lucas in Baja, a large-scale natural event shook the part of the world where they now live. Mountains subsided, water levels fluctuated, there came floods, and some tiny pieces of land set in the middle of a turquoise sea. Two of such isolated lands between the seas were then named La Paz and Espiritu Santo Islands.

The gently leaning western shoreline of both the islands is like finger of a hand spreading wide. The water is crystal clear and the sand fine-grained. With beautiful landscapes, the coupled islands have become another spot you can visit. The islands are not well-populated with striped marlin, but are a good choice if you are looking to have a good family day with mild fishing.

Galapagos Island

Galapagos is considered the world’s top most destinations for wildlife viewing. Situated approximately 600 miles away from the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos are another destination Marlin anglers drool over.

A man named Tarin LoCascio once landed a 250lbs striped marlin off the waters of the Galapagos. Striped marlin fish in Galapagos are considered to be the very best and when the times are good, it is common for anglers to have as many as 10 to 15 strikes a day.

The Ecuadorian government carefully protects the Galapagos because of it being a top attraction to tourists, visitors, and fishermen.

The place has stripers almost any time of the year, but is loaded with them from December to May.

The place has stripers almost any time of the year, but is loaded with them from December to May.

Fishing in Mag Bay

Sight Fishing Technique

Catching striped marlin through sight fishing is a very easy and effective technique. Because striped marlin often sails near to the water surface, you can easily locate them.

Gyro-stabilized binoculars utilize electronic position statistics to correct movements of the areas they are staged on.

Spending some extra money on binoculars is a good choice, especially is Southern California through Baja and Cabo San Lucas.

You have to make the most of binoculars to fish for striped marlin. The tail of the fish will appear dark against the sunny background when seen through these binoculars. Look around fiercely so that you do not miss out plump, beautiful stripers.

During warm-water months, this Pacific species come to hunt, feed, and unwind near the water surface. This is why sight-fishing or sight-casting for stripers intensifies in September and October.

For anglers who do not prefer getting gyro-stabilized binoculars, polarized sunglasses are crucial to have when going on a marlin hunt. Anglers who stay in the waters for long should carry two of these; one with amber lenses for cloudy skies and the other one for sunny conditions with gray tinted lenses.

You will sometimes see a quick flash of silver or blue instead of a dark shadow when stripers make movements on the surface. Keep the glare strong so that you don’t miss out on a good one.

Types of Striped Marlin

Dave Ferrell of Marlinmag says, “Striped marlin on the surface fall into three general categories: sleepers, tailers and feeders. That is until you hook one, then they become jumpers!”

  1. Sleepers
    Almost motionless, a sleeper is found lying on the water surface and is typically the first type of striper you see in the morning. Your live bait should be very close to them to draw their attention.

It is suggested that sleepers should be targeted from behind or from the side so that you are able to cast in the right direction.

  1. Tailers

Striped marlin start roaming around the sea as soon as afternoon winds swing in. The activity of striped marlin riding the down the sea in the afternoon in known as tailing, and tailing fish are thus termed as tailers.

You will be able to spot tailers by checking on the pattern down-sea and looking through the troughs and swells that tailing marlins are surfing in. 

  1. Feeders

Feeders are the most energetic striped marlins amongst the three. It is the fish that’s chasing live bait on the surface, often beneath the frigate birds.

Being active may be good for health, but surely not for feeder stripers as this leads them to get caught easily.

Best Offshore Lures

There is a variety of lures exclusively designed to catch offshore fish including striped marlins. Some of the best lures include:

  • Mold Craft Super Chugger
    Mold Craft Super Chugger is known for its curved-in face, which allows it to clutch a mouthful of air and let it out to form a thick bubble stream along with the movement of its head.

This lure has the ability to rise and fall quickly i.e. to and fro, which attracts stripers.

  • Mold Craft Wide Range
    With a centre nose and squared-off nose, the mold craft wide range lures have got the name from the wide range of speeds and conditions the lure can be pulled through.
  • Copa Fishing Lures’ Tado

Tados are more like art pieces. They were introduced by Steve Coggin and are the lures that are highly regarded and effective. They are beautiful and large lures made with hand and are best for short corners.

  • Pakula Lumo Sprocket

These lures are so good that an angler named Jody Wentworth jumped overboard to recover one of his sprockets that fell in the sea. Wentworth went 20 feet down the sea to recover his drowning lure.

This lures is made with tight swimming action and is best suited to outrigger slot, but works well in any condition.

  • Tournament Tackle’s Ilander Lure (Hawaiian Eye)

This lure, also known as the Hawaiian eye, is the first to have lasting nylon skirts and realistic eyes. It is one of a kind and the first true high-speed trolling lure that was introduced in 1976.

This lure is best acknowledged for its versatility enabling fishermen to fish all types of marlin.

  • Joe Yee Super Plunger

Super plunger has been an offshore item since 1994. This lure is said to be responsible for more 1000 pound marlins than any other lure in the fishing history. Joe Yee is extremely famous and widely used for big game fishing.

  • Legend Lures Basilsik

Compared to other lures, Basilsik has a narrow face and angle which enable it to work well in rough conditions. The lure also has forms a bubble trail that is adored by captains who sale through marlin-rich waters.

Legend Lures can be used from short corners or long with up to 11 knots of trolling speed and 20 to 130 pound tackle.

Cabo San Lucas fishing report

Did You Know?

Here are some of the interesting facts of striped marlins which are not commonly known by us.

  1. Striped marlin is the smallest in size amongst the three species or marlin found in Australian waters.
  2. Unlike other fishes with stripes, the stripes of these fish stay even after the fish is dead.
  3. Stripers change colors of their stripes according to their mood. Yes, they can influence the colors with the level of excitement. Their usual dark blue stripes lighten and transform into lavender when the fish is thrilled.
  4. The average life span of a healthy striped marlin is 10 years.
  5. Solitary in nature, these fish like to live alone, but tend to form small groups during breeding season.

    Last word: The more accurately you play the game, the more and the better striped marlins you get rewarded with. Plan it before you sail for it.


Cabo fishing report February 27th 2018

Cabo fishing report February 27th 2018

Cabo Fishing report

Yesterday we went out fishing targeting big yellowfin tuna on board a 28-foot center console fishing boat that we have for sale.

We took plenty of live sardine for bait and we also took our kite with jumming flying fish to try different techniques so that we can increase our success on catching a big yellowfin tuna.

Most of the other charters we’re out looking for striped Marlin because the Golden Gate Bank have been surrounded by lots of mackerels and that brings plenty of striped Marlin to the area,
Over the whole month of February we have release about 200 marlins within our Tag Cabo fishing fleet,  If you’re an angler wanting to catch that so anticipated striped Marlin,  right now it’s the perfect time. To charter your fishing trip with us click on the link Tag Cabo Sportfishing

The reason why we went out in search for yellowfin tuna is because we wanted to catch something different and it’s always a challenge to go out there and find them.

Cabo fishing report

When we got to the San Jaime Bank we Focus on our sonar to find action beneath us, once we found plenty of bait underneath the boat we begin to Chum to attract the tuna.
By doing so we got plenty of tuna to come up and we also got hooked with a couple of 50 pounders but they were not the big one we were looking for.

So we started setting up the kite with our juming flying fish to see if that would bring us the big one.
After we rigged up the kite with a flying fish we begin trolling right by where all the tuna were feasting and right away we saw be nice tuna clearly jumping out of the water in Striking our flying fish.  We fought the tuna for about 25 minutes when we finally got it on board it looked like about 90 pounds.

We repeatedly did the same thing for a few hours before heading home and we manage to catch a few other ones but our biggest one was the 90 pounder.
even though we didn’t get our 200 lb tuna we had a blast catching multiple tuna listening to some nice Tunes and bonding a bit more with our Friends. 
We posted a few videos in pictures on her Facebook fan page also on our Instagram make sure to follow us on any of these social media to stay up-to-date with our Cabo fishing reports. 

Cabo fishing report February 9, 2018

Cabo fishing report February 9, 2018

Cabo fishing report by Tag Cabo sportfishing fleet.

 We have started a year catching many different species depending on what the client wanted to Target.
At the beginning of the year in January, we had a few clients that wanted to Target nothing but yellowfin tuna.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports

So we went out looking for dolphins on board our 33 foot boat The Office with captain Jobe, and thanks to our great luck we found them every single time. 
By doing so we managed to land quite a bit of yellowfin tuna they were in between 15 to 30 lb but we also caught some that were about 100 to 200 lb.

Then in mid-January we started getting customers that wanted to Target striped Marlin so we got them on board of our 45 foot Cabo flybridge with captain Julian and managed to release about 200 Marlins in the remaining of the month.
We caught and release most of them at the finger bank and the Golden Gate Bank.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports

Now we are in February and we’ve been getting customers that love inshore fishing,
they love going out there with light tackle and a small vessel Targeting species like Spanish mackerel rooster fish red snappers and sea bass.
So we have been fishing plenty on board our panga El Jefe with Captain Felipe.

Yesterday February 8th Felipe went out on our ponga El Jefe with our repeat customer and now good friend of ours Rodney and manage to catch five Spanish mackerel, three Dorados, two needle fish and release 
a striped Marlin.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports
Fishing is always great down here in Cabo San Lucas as long as you go fishing with the right guide and if the weather cooperates with us.

If you are one of our followers on our Facebook fan page, you might have seen our live stream and Witness everything as it was happening.

If you are not following us yet make sure to follow and like our Facebook fan page so that you can see our live stream fishing charters and fishing reports. 

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Cabo fishing report February 2018

Cabo fishing report February 2018

Cabo fishing report February 8th 

Fishing on a panga with Captain Felipe.
A few days ago we went out to Target as many species as we could on board our panga El Jefe with Captain Felipe and our friend Rodney from Canada.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports
We started the day by buying plenty of live bait since the plan was to use nothing but live bait, as we got out of the marina we saw a school of (mahi-mahi) or dorados jumping out of the water so we ran the panga close to the area as soon as we got there Rodney cast a live bait right in front of the dorado school and as the bait landed in the water Rodney got hooked with a decent Dorado.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports
Every time we catch a Dorado we leave it in the water so that it can attract the rest of the school close to the boat , then we cast other lines with live bait so that we can catch the whole school,  in this situation we ended up catching only one other dorado.
Since we just wanted to catch as many species as we could in one day we decided to put them into our cooler with ice and move to the next Target.

As soon as we got to our next area which is right at the boulders we landed a few Sierra’s,  After catching the Sierras we moved to a different area where we were looking to Target red snappers,  as soon as we get to designated  area we cast our live bait it and baam! I hooked on a red snapper.

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports
At this area we could see plenty of life under the boat so we decided to troll really slow some live bait and see what we could do to catch more species.
The whole day was just awesome we had such a great time out there we even caught a few Birds that made us laugh and we ended up our day catching 7 different species. 
We caught some beautiful rooster fish, Spanish mackerel, red snapper, needlefish, Pompano, Dorado and an eel.

It was a great day after catching so much fish and enjoying a great time with Captain Felipe and a dear friend Rodney.
We live stream most of the day on our Facebook fan page you should follow us to make sure you can see our live Cabo fishing reports as we fish.

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Here is a live stream video of us fishing on a panga. 


Cabo San Lucas fishing report January 2018

Cabo San Lucas fishing report January 2018


January 2018 Cabo San Lucas fishing report.

We started the year super hot catching plenty of fish on every single fishing trip we sent out.
Cabo San Lucas fishing report
The first two weeks we had customers that wanted to target yellowfin tuna and we succeeded every single trip getting back to the dock with plenty of yellowfin tuna and even some nice size Dorados.
We then started getting customers wanting to catch their very first marlin ever and thankfully the Golden Gate Bank has been infested with plenty of striped Marlin which allowed us to catch and release many striped Marlin every single day.Cabo San Lucas fishing report
To top it all off, our weather has been great with our winds as low as 2 knots and our local weather in between 65 degrees fahrenheit at night and 82 degrees fahrenhiet in the afternoon.
Our water temperatures are in between 75 degrees to 80 degrees in both of our oceans the pacific and sea of Cortez, which allows us to easily fish 5 to 10 miles from shore.
Cabo San Lucas fishing report
We have had a few days where we released 20 Stripe Marlins in a single day,  That’s how hot fishing is right now in Cabo San Lucas.
If you are a hardcore fisherman, this is the perfect time to go fishing in Cabo especially with us Tag Cabo Sportfishing team.
You can witness our passion for Sportfishing through our live stream on Our Tag Cabo Sportfishing Facebook fan page.
Make sure you go to our contact page and fill out the form to book your next fishing charter with us or email us to