Top Sports Fishing Knots that Every Angler Should Know How to Tie

Sports Fishing Known as the ‘Unsung Heroes’, knots are essential part of the sports fishing scene. No tackle or tactic will help you to catch fish if your knot slips or breaks. The fishing knot basically acts as a critical-link between the angler and the fish; therefore it is extremely important for anglers to know about the best fishing knots and how to tie them. Let’s just say tying the fishing knot correctly is like tying the knot for success at sea. This may sound a little cheesy but it is definitely true.

In today’s Cabo fishing report, we’ll walk you through the top sports fishing knots and teach you how to tie them. Take a look,

Trilene Knot

This is a multi-purpose fishing knot which can easily be used for connecting and attaching monofilament lines with hooks, lures and swivels. And besides this, the Trilene knot is designed to resist slippage and failures.

How to tie it?

  1. First pass the tag-end of the fishing line through the fishing hook eye. This step needs to be repeated twice so that it forms a loop.
  2. Now pinch this loop between your forefinger and thumb. This will help you hold it in place.
  3. Then simply wrap the tag-end around the standing fishing line. Repeat this at least 5 times.
  4. Now through the loops, pass the end back and then draw it tightly.

Arbor Knot

The Arbor knot is used to tie line and backing onto the reel. It is quite simple and very easy to tie.

How to tie it?

  1. Pass the fishing line carefully through the Arbor.
  2. Now in the standing line, tie an over hand knot.
  3. Then tie another knot but now in the tag-end.
  4. Next, moisten or lubricate the knots so that the line doesn’t weaken from the friction caused because of tying.
  5. The last step is to hold the tag-end on both sides of the knot and pull it tightly. If there is any excess line, simply cut it off.

Surgeon’s Knot

Popularly known as the double surgeon’s knot, this fishing knot is perhaps the best knots when it comes to tying for joining fishing lines of unequal and equal diameters.

How to tie it?

  1. Simply place the leader line close to the mainline.
  2. Now form an overhand knot. You can do this by running the leader’s long end and also the tag-end of the mainline through the loop.
  3. Once you do that, now form another overhand knot with the same ends.
  4. Next moist them and tighten by slowly pulling all the ends.
  5. Trim the tags if needed.