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Deep Sea Fish to Explore in Los Cabos

If you’re interested in sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas, you’re going to want to know what kind of game fish you can get!

Los Cabos region is known for its spectacular fishing opportunities, and a getaway on those sparkling waters is bound to be any fishing enthusiast’s idea of a real good time. If you’re interested in angling in Los Cabos, then read on to find out a few of the common deep sea fish you’re likely to encounter.

Sportfishing in Cabo

 Blue Marlin

The largest of all Marlin fish, the Blue Marlin is quite the aggressive species. These fish can go up to more than 1000 pounds. Of course, for fly-fishing, you would ideally go for somewhere between 50 to 200 pound Blue Marlins.

Sail Fish

Easily one of the speediest fish in the ocean, these sail fish can jump out of the water at speeds of more than 68 mph.

They are usually found in spots far from shore but near the surface of the water. Why are they called sail fish? That would be due to their dorsal fin, which stretches out along the length of their bodies. This fin is also considerably higher as compared to the thickness of their bodies.

Striped Marlin

Cabo San Lucas is considered to be the epicenter when it comes to finding Striped Marlin in the waters. They tend to be around all year in Los Cabos, and can put on quite the display when they eject themselves out of the water and into the air. To many angling enthusiasts, this is the ideal billfish!


The swordfish are easily identifiable due to their sword-like, long and flat bill. They are a predatory fish, and can prove to be quite the enjoyable challenge for avid anglers. With considerable speed and admirable agility, the swordfish is a pretty mean catch, and uses its “sword” to slash its victims. Length-wise, they can come up to about 9.8 feet, and are usually found near the surface of the water.

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