Exploring the Different Types of Sports Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Sports Fishing in Cabo San LucasCabo San Lucas is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, mostly because of the wide range of water sports tourists get to indulge in and enjoy, and of course, the epic sports fishing action that Cabo is touted for. Sports fishing fanatics from across the globe travel to Cabo San Lucas to experience it all. If you too, are headed here for the same reasons but are a novice at fishing, then you’ll truly find today’s Cabo fishing report quite useful as we walk you through different types of sports fishing that people enjoy in Cabo San Lucas.

Popular Types of Sports Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Fly Fishing

One of the popular types of recreational fishing in Cabo San Lucas is ‘Fly Fishing’. It is widely enjoyed by beginners. As the name suggests, this type of fishing involves using artificial baits that resemble flies. These baits are made from animal hair or feathers.
Fly fishing is done by using light-graphite rods and in clear and shallow waters like in the lakes, rivers and lagoons. In lakes and rivers, you can find game fish like Trout, and the best part is that this species prefers insect imitations, making fly fishing a great technique to catch them.

Salt Water Fishing

Salt water fishing is loved by anglers. It can be enjoyed on the boat, the pier or the shore. Salt water fishing is not offered everywhere. It can only be enjoyed in areas that border an ocean like Cabo San Lucas or have access to an inlet river that has high-level of salinity. It is said that some of the best fighting marine species are saltwater fish like Marlin and Tuna.

Surf Fishing

This fishing technique involves catching prey by standing either on the shore line or by wading in the water surf. Unlike fly fishing, in surf fishing, you can use both artificial lures and live bait. When surf fishing, you need to be careful of the waves and the undertows as they can be very dangerous, causing injuries. To lower the risk and enjoy fishing, it is advisable to wear a wader-belt.
The rods used for surf fishing are quite different. They are quite long and reach somewhere between 12’ and 16’. Also, anglers must use both their hands when casting to reach inshore fish.

Deep Sea Fishing

This fishing type is a hot favorite among professional and avid anglers largely because it gives them a chance to battle it out at sea with big and heavy game fish like Big Yellow Fin Tuna that weigh up to 300lbs and Stripped Marlin, best known for its agility and acrobatic moves. Deep sea fishing is also known as offshore fishing and is enjoyed in the deep sea away from the shore. To enjoy deep sea fishing, anglers must be well-equipped with rods that have different resistance and flexibility, know how to troll and have access to multiple hooks and lures.