Deep Sea Sports Fishing Tips

Deep Sea Sports Fishing TipsSport fishing fanatics and pros seeking adrenaline rushing sea action mostly opt for deep sea fishing. Also known as offshore fishing, deep sea game fishing takes place in the water that is both away from land and deeper than 100 feet. Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular places for deep sea sports fishing. From Mahi-Mahi to Stripped Marlin and Tuna, Cabo San Lucas takes deep sea fishing to the next level, offering avid anglers the best and truly an unforgettable fishing adventure.

To enjoy the real thrill of deep sea fishing and have a great time, here are some tips for you from the experts:

Look for the Signs

When sports fishing, patience is key, as sometimes, you may have to wait for hours before you find your prey. But to speed up the process of finding your catch, look for birds. Now if we’ve got you wondering why birds, then let us tell you that based on our experience, if you spot birds like seagulls nearby, feasting on bait type fishes, then chances are that there are large game fish under the surface.

Also, look for debris, wrecks, rocks and floating wood as these are proven to be some of the best places for game fish to hide and protect themselves from strong water currents.

Fish near Reefs

If you want to come back home smiling after a day at the sea, then make sure that you fish near the reefs because big sized game fish mostly feed on small fish that live in reefs. So, if you bait near the reefs, you can increase your chances of both finding and catching big fish.

Look for Dolphins to Find Yellow Fin Tunas

Yellow Fin Tunas love to school with the Dolphins, so look for Dolphins in the sea. It’s much easier to spot Dolphins as compared to Yellow Fin Tunas because these marine mammals come to the surface of the water frequently to breathe.

Use the Circle Shaped Hook

To increase your chances of hooking prey in the deep waters, always use the circle hook. Sharply curved from the back in a circle shape, this is widely preferred by professional Cabo San Lucas sports fishing anglers because it enables then to catch more fish and besides this, it is hard to swallow. The hook helps catch the prey from the lips and sticks to the corner of the mouth, so the hook is not swallowed and it doesn’t even damage the vital organs or gills of the hooked fish.

Keep these tips in mind so that you can enjoy deep sea fishing and bring great sports fishing memories back home.