Here are Some Tips to Help You Become a Better Angler

Here are Some Tips to Help You Become a Better Angler

Angling is both science and art. To be good at it, you require meticulous precision. At the same time, you also need immense patience.

From skill in presenting the lure to the fish to casting, there are quite a few tricks that you need to master.      

We at Tag Cabo Sportfishing have outlined a few tips to help you get better at angling. Read on:

Find a Mentor to Guide You

It is always great to find anglers who have mastered the skill. You can learn great deal from their immense experience.

A good idea would be to join a fishing club. This will expose you to some experienced anglers. Ask the right questions and always be willing to learn new tricks.

Always Be Prepared

From getting your rods and reels ready to keeping good supplies of lures and tackles, you need to make sure that you go prepared every time you face the sea.

You might want to keep a checklist and see if there’s everything you need. This list can contain pliers, knife, gaff, etc.

Keep Trying New Stuff

Fishing is a continuously evolving art form. This is the reason you need to be very flexible with your approach.

New ideas might come from young anglers. Also, some fishermen have specialized knowledge of particular areas or fish type. They might be able to teach you quite a bit.

Always be Willing to Learn

From watching how-to videos on the internet to subscribing to reliable fishing magazine, you need to have a thirst for knowledge when fishing.

It is only through constantly improving your fishing game that you will become a master of the skill.  

Fish in New Places and Under Different Weather Conditions

Fish in New Places and Under Different Weather Conditions

To be a good angler, you need to be able to fish in all kinds of weather conditions. This does not mean that you go out fishing in extreme weather conditions.

Sometimes, there will be more wind than expected. Other times, you will find the shoreline quite taller than expected. The idea is to make sure that you stay prepared for everything that Mother Nature might throw at you.  

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is not only a great way to record your successes; it also ensures that you have the relevant details with you.

From wind direction to the type of fish, make sure you write specifics. Reviewing this journal later on will allow you to discern patterns and hence, help you get better at fishing.

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Cabo – Marlin Capital of the World

Cabo – Marlin Capital of the World

For many fishermen, marlin fishing, or billfishing, is the ultimate pinnacle of offshore fishing. Due to the massive size and power, marlin fish has captured the imaginations of fishermen for years. The protagonist in Ernest Hemmingway’s (fisherman himself) novel The Old Man and the Sea catches a marlin after a long struggle.

Cabo as Marlin Capital 

Situated just across the Baja peninsula, Cabo is nestled between the Pacific Ocean in the west and Sea of Cortez in the east.  

In the past, getting to Cabo was quite difficult. It was visited by only hardcore anglers, sometimes through their own private yachts and other times through uncomfortable transportation means.  

However today, times have changed. People from all over the world flock to Cabo for an exciting fishing venture. The water under the seas has the converging currents of Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. This makes it a great place for marlin fish to swim around. The fishing here is carried out with such passion that Cabo is now called ‘Marlin Capital of the World’.  

Cabo has a wide variety of striped marlin population all year round. However, February, March and April are the three months that are great for marlin fishing.

Cabo is also famous for its amazing marlin tournaments that are staged in autumn. The prize money can be as high as a million dollars or even more.

Marlin Fishing for Enthusiastic Fishermen

 Marlin Fishing

When marlin fishing in Cabo, you have got four options for boats: Panga, Super Panga, Cruiser and Yacht.

Marlin fishing is a complicated activity. Although they are abundant in Cabo, you might not catch any for the entire day.

Marlin fishing is more like hunting. You have got to find and lure your prey. After you cast a live bait, you can expect some action happening around the area.

Cabo is located in a desert, so not much rain is expected. The average temperature lies in the mid 30s.  

For marlin fishing, you will require a 14-weight fishing rod and a 30-pound test line.  

How Tag Cabo Sportfishing Can Enhance Your Marlin Fishing Experience

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All of our team members are passionate about marlin fishing. Our goal is to take the hassles away so that you can concentrate on fishing. Hire a luxury yacht with us and have a wonderful experience.