Cabo fishing reports/ Cabo fishing report July 2017

Monster Black Marlin weighing in at a jaw dropping 448lbs was reeled in by semi pro woman Angler Valerie Sutton-Jackson this past Tuesday July 18, 2017 out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico while on our way out to the East Cape. Captain Julian Liquidano Garcia, Captain Jobe Villavicencio, Captain Eduardo Liquidano, Valerie and Chuck Baker  were set on an adventurous 3-day fishing trip when surprisingly coming across a patch of beautiful blue water, ideal for big game fish! Captain and crew decided to sew up a few bait, set out some teaser lines and troll a bit to see if anything would bite along this area before reaching their final destination. Surly enough just over 45min and we’re hooked on a Blue Marlin! We did not have a chance to weight this catch as we quickly released it after taking a few pictures, but it looked to be about 350lbs (will post pics soon) like 30 minutes after that a striped marlin started going off on one of the teasers so Jobe graved a live bait and cast it right next to the marlin, the marlin went right for it so it was on! Chuck started fighting that lit up marling to release it after about 15 minutes, like about 2 hours  later Julian spotted another striped marlin on top of the water so he told Jobe and got the boat right to it, by that time Jobe was already on the vow with live bait on a hook so he cast it right to it and it was on again for Chuck he fought it for about 20 minutes to release it back in the Ocean, Not even 45 minutes later  a pod of dolphins! Any and every angler’s eyes light up as they come across a nice pod of dolphins as this means big game fish along the area. Captain and crew brought on their best game in search for a trophy fish along this area, thats when they started catching yellowfin tunas, like about 3 at a time so by this time they were all saying to each other how great of a day was when they were not even close to the area they were supposed to go to. A few days back Valerie had mention about how great her fishing experience has been in Cabo and that the only trophy fish she need it to catch to finish her list was a black marlin so the crew told her we will get one for you soon Valerie as they were trolling their way to the East Cape, all of the sudden a huge black marlin starts hitting one of the teasers with it bill, Captain Jobe graved a live bait and cast it right next to the marlin as Captain Julian from the top was reeling in the teaser and thats when the huge black marlin eat the bait got hooked  and the little lady Valerie reeled in this 448lbs Black Marlin trophy fish (featured above) using a Shimano 25 talica in just over 20min! A true accomplishment in the sportfishing industry. Filled with excitement, captain, crew and anglers decided to turn back to Cabo while having reached only 1/4 of their original fishing trip itinerary. Goes to show just how rich in fish and adventure our waters out here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico can be.

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Cabo fishing reports July 18th 2017/ Cabo sportfishing report

Cabo fishing report

This week we release plenty of striped marlin from around the 95 bank to the 1150, we also found a lot of dolphins around the same areas and with them lots of small yellowfin tunas and some dorados in small numbers but good size, we saw a couple of swordfish out there as well but didn’t get them to take our bait.

In shore fishing it’s still really good with rooster fish and sierras around el tule and Solmar.

The weather has been a bit humid and hot with winds in between 5 to 11kt so it feels really good fishing out there, So if you are heading down to Cabo San Lucas and you are a sport fishing person, you should really go fishing.

Now it’s a perfect time with high % of success every day. 


Cabo fishing reports

Cabo fishing report July 13th 2017

It has been great, for the last 2 weeks we have been catching plenty of striped marlin 3 to 5 miles of from shore, We have also been finding big schools of dolphins about 25 miles of from shore and along with them small yellowfin tunas in good numbers.

It has been a slow with dorados and wahoos but in shore we are still catching really good size rooster fish and sierras.

We just put together a nice montage video of our most exhilarating fishing trips down here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In summary, Cabo is blessed with the richest fishing waters worldwide. Heres a brief example of what you guys can expect when fishing with your Tag Cabo Sportfishing team!

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Cabo fishing reports July 10th 2017

Cabo fishing reports

July 10th 2017.
Amazing week with lots of small yellowfin tunas, about 8 over 200 pound tunas, a lot of striped marlin and a few dorados. 
On Saturday we went out targeting big yellowfin tunas but we caught our max on small yellowfin tunas and release a striped marlin.

We are also catching Sierras and Rooster fish in shore on the green water, for all you Anglers that would like to catch a great looking Rooster fish now is the time.

Cabo fishing report July 3rd 2017

Yellowfin tuna Cabo fishing reports

Cabo San Lucas fishing reports

If you are that Angler chasing big yellowfin tunas! now is the time to do so.

The big monster yellowfin tunas have moved in to our local banks, Several 200 pound plus tunas were caught yesterday.

We are still catching plenty of striped marlin, dorados and small yellowfin tunas.

Weather has been great for the last week, during the day it’s around 85 F and at night 75F.

Wind conditions  are in between 3kt to 6kt so the ocean is nice and smooth.

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Cabo fishing report June 30th 2017


Wind.                                11 mph.

Humidity.                        48%

Water temperature.      60F in shore 78F  35 miles out from shore.    


The weather in Cabo San Lucas is way better after hurricane Dora was gone, our water temperatures in  shore are low 60s and that attracts fish like Spanish mackerel and rooster fish.

Yesterday on our pangas the captains caught a few rooster fish and lots of Spanish mackerel,  The yachts within our fleet went out 35 miles in search for the hot blue water once they got there they found a lot of dolphins feeding so they started trolling Cedar plugs to bring back home plenty of yellowfin tuna and e few decent dorado fish for dinner.  

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Cabo fishing report June 26th 2017

Wheather conditions 

Air.                     Low 75 High 86 F

Wind.                10 mph.

Humidity.        45%


Fishing has been great except for one day that the port was close because of bad weather conditions, We have been catching multiple striped marlin every day a few yellowfin tunas really early in the morning and occasionally Dorados and wahoos. If you would like to go for yellowfin tuna we strongly recommend to be at the marina at 6am so that you can run out in search for dolphins, there has been a couple of over 200 lb yellowfin tunas caught this week by doing so.

If your trying to put a check mark on your fishing bucket list with a marlin, well right now is the perfect time for that, pack your bags  head down to Cabo and allow us to make your fishing experience unforgettable. 

Cabo fishing report June 19th 2017

striped marlinWild Week, Marlin Fishing Going Nuts!

Lots of Marlin Near 1150 and Santa Maria!

Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado are here as well but in small numbers!

Sierra: On Live Bait and Hootchies!

Roosters on Live Bait: In Shoreline!

Red Snapper and Groupers on Chunk Bait!

WEATHER: Really windy some days out of this past week, In general we cant complain about the weather at all, it has been really nice and sunny about every day. The wind has picked up pretty good over the last 3 days, though with some pretty good gusts during the day time and even at night. As I sit and write this report I can hear the wind blowing now. If you were in a small boat over the last 2 or 3 days you will have experienced a pretty rough ride due to windy conditions. The actual temperatures are really great with highs in the ladder 80, is too low 90, so in the day time and cooling off pretty good at night down into the mid 60’s.

WATER: With the windy conditions the water has been pretty wild with some rough seas on the pacific side and of course on the Sea of Cortez its been calmer, but due to the windy conditions its rough out there. Still quite the contrast in water temperatures from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez. All warm water on the Cortez side and cold water on the Pacific side. It is 69 degrees up above the Finger Bank on the Pacific side and on the Cortez side it is pushing 79 degrees.

BILLFISH: Marlin have kida showed up late this year, they should have been here a couple months ago, like in February, but it looks as they are showing now in good numbers. Looks as if most Marlin are wanting to bite Ballyhoo as we have been scoring using the Ballys. The Marlin fishing has been pretty steady and it seems the Marlin have moved down towards the 1150 and Santa Maria areas, and from about 1 to 3 miles offshore. What we are seeing is many of the Marlin are full of squid as there is an abundance in the water. So we have been just pitching live bait at them till we find the right one to take the bait. Most of our boats have been fishing about everyday and we are averaging about one to two marlin per trip, so it isn’t too bad, actually pretty steady.

DORADO: Just isn’t happening right now for Dorado! we catch one here and there and not very day.

WAHOO: I have not heard of any this past week. Not too much Wahoo action right now.

TUNA: We are still catching a few Tuna this past week and have had some good days like one day we got like 6 decent size Tuna doing some Kite fishing, but basically we are averaging maybe 3 to 4 per trip. Most Tuna are 12 to 35lbs and along with Kite fishing we are using cedar plugs and king busters. The San Jamie Banks is the hot spot for the Tuna, so head that direction if you are going out for them.

INSHORE: Big Sierras being landed on live bait, and we are seeing action from the Solmar to the Pump House, using hootchies also. Rooster fish action in close to shore has been pretty good over the last few weeks If you use live bait you will have a good chance of landing a big one. We have been catching them by El Tule and also in the same area as the Roosters are the Sierra and it’s pretty wide open in the same areas. The Roosters are active and biting good. Jigging iron and trolling rapalas at the Margarita Rock Piles has been really productive for Yellowtail and Amberjack. There are some nice size Grouper being caught on chunk bait in the rocks off of Solmar.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 60 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 9 striped marlin, 29 yellowfin tuna, 11 amberjack, 14 yellow snapper, 8 barred pargo, 16 leopard grouper, 5 pompano, 22 huachinango, 14 roosterfish, 19 sierra, 8 bonito and 210 triggerfish.


Air: High… 86 F / Low… 70 F

Water: Sea of Cortez 70 – 80 F / Pacific 66 – 68 F

Humidity: 27%

Wind: 4 MPH SE

Fish Available: Yellow fin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Striped Marlin, Rooster Fish, Trigger Fish.

Today’s Date: June 19th 2017

Cabo fishing report June 16th 2017

Cabo fishing report June 16th 2017.
Sportfishing has been really hot for the last 3 weeks. Within our Tag Cabo sportfishing fleet, we have been catching and releasing multiple stripped marlin on a daily basis. We also ran into a few good size roosterfish for about a week and a half, nice big wahoos and some small yellowfin tunas here and there.

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Cabo fishing report June 5th 2017

Cabo fishing report from May 28th to June 5th 2017

Cabo fishing report June 5th 2017.
The weather is great, 80s during the day and 70s at night.
It’s been a bit windy on the Pacific side so we have been fishing the Sea of Cortez, catching many big Roosterfish, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna and dorados as well.
The pictures bellow are from our fishing trip on board Tailcheaser and you can see how big the roosterfish are this year.
Our catch success rate has been great for the last month and a half witch is as expected since Summer is just around the corner and thats our best fishing season.

Life is short so enjoy it as much as possible.
Plan your next Cabo fishing charter with time and allow us to make the best out of it.
Roosterfish Valerie