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Book Luxurious Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz at the Most Competitive Rates!

Summer is the perfect time to plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, Mexico. At this time of the year, the weather is good and the sea is brimming with amazing game fish bite. So, whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday summer break at sea with the ones you love or you’re eagerly seeking a sea adventure to battle it out with the agile and big sports fishing species that Cabo is famous for, now is the right time to visit Cabo. Book luxurious yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas or La Paz at the most competitive rates with us, Tag Cabo Sportfishing.

At Tag Cabo Sportfishing, our top priority is your pleasure and we make sure that we offer you just that and more. Take a look at how we strive to make your sea trip in Cabo or La Paz, incredibly special and truly unforgettable.

Travel to the Waters of Cabo or La Paz in Style and Absolute Luxury!

At Tag Cabo Sportfishing, we understand how crucial comfort and luxury are when you’re traveling offshore, especially when you plan to stay at sea for more than a couple of days. Therefore, we make sure that the sea rides that we offer to our customers are excellent in terms of cleanliness, comfort and luxury, and well-designed to accommodate a large group of people.

Our fleet features a large range of beautifully designed and luxurious yachts. We specialize in offering both La Paz and Cabo luxury yacht charters. Whether you want to go to La Paz or Cabo, we have the perfect sea ride for you to hit the sea in style!

Fully-Equipped with Amenities that You Expect, Love, Deserve and Desire

Who says you can’t get it all? With us, our customers get everything that they expect, love, deserve and desire and that too, at affordable prices! Isn’t that amazing?

All yacht charters in our fleet are well-equipped with necessary and special amenities which include master cabins, dining rooms, spacious decks, guest rooms, lounge areas, fishing gear, navigational technologies, and water toys.

We, at Tag Cabo Sportfishing, strive to make your trip as extravagant as it can be by offering you all that you expect and much more! That’s the way we delight, excite and win over our customers for life.

Tasty Food Prepared Fresh By Our Master Chefs

With us, you don’t have to bring frozen food to eat when you’re offshore as you get great tasting food on our deluxe yacht charters in Cabo and La Paz. Our master chef on board is skilled and trained to prepare a variety of cuisines including French, Continental, Italian and Chinese to name a few.

All meals served to you and your guests are prepared on the yacht in completely hygienic conditions and seasoned to perfection. The food is served hot and garnished beautifully—making every meal you eat on the yacht, both delectable and special.

Our chef can also cook and prepare freshly caught game fish bite. So, if you’re in the mood to eat Wahoo or treat your palate with Mahi-Mahi—popular for its unbelievably delicious taste—, then simply catch your prey and our chef will cook and season it perfectly and serve it to you fresh on board.

Enjoy Sports Fishing and Other Water Based Activities in Cabo

Whether you want to enjoy sports fishing action or take a plunge into the water to explore the marine life beneath or just ride the strong currents on a wave runner to experience the thrill, with us, you can do it all. At Tag Cabo Sportfishing, our seafaring rides are equipped to cater to avid anglers and sea adventure fanatics. We can take you to the best fishing grounds in Cabo where you can find game fish in abundance and enjoy tons of opportunities to catch your prey.

To book your luxury yacht charter today, get in touch with us.

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