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Why Charter Sports Fishing in Cabo San Lucas.




      • Charters Know the Best Fishing Spots

      Chartering a yacht for sport fishing excursions spares you from all the legwork that comes with finding the best fishing spots in Cabo San Lucas. Most chartering services provide anglers with all the information that they need regarding where to fish in Cabo San Lucas to have a great time. These charters simply take you to the right place where you can find game fish in abundance and experience the real joy of sports fishing. 

      • Focus Better on Fishing

      When you charter a yacht, you don’t have to drive the ride. The captain does that. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy sports fishing. Juggling with driving the yacht and then preparing for sports fishing can get the best of you and make you frustrated as you can’t fully focus on fishing.

      If any of this make sense to you and you’re thinking of chartering a yacht instead of buying one, then get in touch with us. We offer the largest variety of charters well-equipped with game fishing gear and awesome amenities. You are bound to have fun when you charter a yacht from us!

      Catch Your Prey Cleverly—Know Where to Find Fish in the Deep Sea

      Cabo San Lucas is definitely the best place to enjoy deep sea game fishing. The Baja waters are full of prized catches such as the Big Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Marlin and Wahoo to name a few. Avid Sports fishing anglers come down to Cabo San Lucas to especially enjoy offshore fishing.

      Sports fishing here is totally different from shallow water fishing as anglers are exposed to big game fish species. You normally can’t find these fish species close to the shore. To enjoy catching them, you need to go deep. For this, make sure to charter a yacht that is designed for deep sea water fishing and is also equipped with the fishing essentials and gear that you need to catch big fish.

      For an exhilarating deep sea sports fishing experience in Cabo San Lucas, you must also be well-geared with a GPS, nautical map and a fishfinder, and you should also be well-informed. By that we mean you should be well aware of the areas where you can easily find and catch your prey.

      And this fishing report is focused on just that. Today, we’ll share with you the areas where you can easily find fish when you go for deep sea fishing in the waters of Cabo San Lucas.

      • Rocks, Wrecks and Reefs

      Rocks, wrecks and reefs are some of the best places to start your search largely because these structures offer a haven to fish to hide from the strong sea currents. So, the fish may either be living in these structures or patrolling around them. To catch and attract reef-dwelling fish species like snapper, anchor your boat and then drop the baits down near the structure. However, for speedy predatory fish like Wahoo, Bill Fish, and Tuna, try either slow trolling live baits or use fast trolling fishing lures.

      • Navigational Aids and Towers

      Manmade structures such as navigational aids and towers are valuable, not just for the fish but also for anglers. Just like reefs and wrecks, some fish species like to seek refuge inside these structures. So, to determine where they are hiding, try using a recreational sonar or fishfinder.

      • Sea Mounts & Hills

      The best and ideal spots for enjoying offshore fishing are submerged hills and sea mounts. These mountain ranges help divert sea currents and provide marine species with excellent water conditions, light levels, and water temperature, due to which many varieties of fish prefer to hide near these areas.

      Our fleet.

      The Fleet of cabo fishing boat charters is elegance, style and luxury personified. Looking out for a day trip or a few weeks trip, with just a few anglers or a big group of 15 or more anglers, best fishing charters in cabo are available right here. The fleet consists of a 90 foot Horizen, a 70 foot Hatteras, 80 feet Sunship, 60 feet Sun Seeker or the luxurious 80 Foot Azimut. For a romantic fishing trip, choose the 35 feet ninja fishing charters cabo captained by experienced in big game fishing Captain and fishes hard to make your day/date an exciting one.

      Fishing becomes more fun when luxury is sprinkled over it. We at Tag Cabo sportfishing offer you luxury fishing yacht with high end fishing equipment that includes, the fishing line, fishing gear, fishing gadgets, fishing licenses, live bait, fish cleaning services. Our cabo fishing boats are clean, safe and well maintained by a dedicated team of captains, crew and maintenance staff. To add to your comfort on the luxury yacht we have a private chef on board to satisfy the desire of your taste buds, we provide you clean towels and round trip transportation.


      Exploring the Different Types of Sports Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

      Cabo San Lucas is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, mostly because of the wide range of water sports tourists get to indulge in and enjoy, and of course, the epic sports fishing action that Cabo is touted for. Sports fishing fanatics from across the globe travel to Cabo San Lucas to experience it all. If you too, are headed here for the same reasons but are a novice at fishing, then you’ll truly find today’s Cabo fishing report quite useful as we walk you through different types of sports fishing that people enjoy in Cabo San Lucas.

      Popular Types of Sports Fishing in Cabo San Lucas   

      • Fly Fishing

      One of the popular types of recreational fishing in Cabo San Lucas is ‘Fly Fishing’. It is widely enjoyed by beginners. As the name suggests, this type of fishing involves using artificial baits that resemble flies. These baits are made from animal hair or feathers.

      Fly fishing is done by using light-graphite rods and in clear and shallow waters like in the lakes, rivers and lagoons. In lakes and rivers, you can find game fish like Trout, and the best part is that this species prefers insect imitations, making fly fishing a great technique to catch them.

      • Salt Water Fishing

      Salt water fishing is loved by anglers. It can be enjoyed on the boat, the pier or the shore. Salt water fishing is not offered everywhere. It can only be enjoyed in areas that border an ocean like Cabo San Lucas or have access to an inlet river that has high-level of salinity. It is said that some of the best fighting marine species are saltwater fish like Marlin and Tuna.

      • Surf Fishing

      This fishing technique involves catching prey by standing either on the shore line or by wading in the water surf. Unlike fly fishing, in surf fishing, you can use both artificial lures and live bait. When surf fishing, you need to be careful of the waves and the undertows as they can be very dangerous, causing injuries. To lower the risk and enjoy fishing, it is advisable to wear a wader-belt.

      The rods used for surf fishing are quite different. They are quite long and reach somewhere between 12’ and 16’. Also, anglers must use both their hands when casting to reach inshore fish.

      • Deep Sea Fishing

      This fishing type is a hot favorite among professional and avid anglers largely because it gives them a chance to battle it out at sea with big and heavy game fish like Big Yellow Fin Tuna that weigh up to 300lbs and Stripped Marlin, best known for its agility and acrobatic moves. Deep sea fishing is also known as offshore fishing and is enjoyed in the deep sea away from the shore. To enjoy deep sea fishing, anglers must be well-equipped with rods that have different resistance and flexibility, know how to troll and have access to multiple hooks and lures.


      Why Choose Tag Cabo Sportfishing?

      Book Cabo sports fishing charters with us and get your lines ready to experience the thrill of game fishing, and adrenaline rushing sea-action in Cabo San Lucas this summer. Come join us to enjoy the perfect fishing experience as we take you to the ultimate fishing grounds in and around Cabo San Lucas on the most luxurious and the best Cabo fishing charters equipped with the right sports fishing gear, equipment and amenities. 

      At Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, our goal is to take sports fishing adventure in Cabo San Lucas to a whole new level. And let’s just say that anglers who have booked Cabo fishing charters from us and benefitted from our Cabo sports fishing reports couldn’t agree more!

      We can proudly say this, based on the overwhelming response from our customers and their positive Cabo fishing charters reviews. At Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, we have a rapidly-growing customer base including both satisfied customers and referrals. We pride in the fact that many of our satisfied anglers who have and continue to enjoy game fishing with us share Cabo fishing charter recommendations with other anglers, ensuring that they too, experience the real excitement of sports fishing that no other can provide but us—Tag Cabo Sports Fishing! 

      Whether you’re a novice, pro or an avid angler, or just a sports fishing enthusiast who wants to indulge in and experience the joy of trolling the waves, and battling it out in the deep waters with the sea giants like big Yellow Fin Tuna and Stripped Marlin best known for its jaw-dropping acrobatic showdown with aerial maneuvers in lightning speed, then get in touch with us! When we say that we take sports fishing adventure to a new level, we truly mean it!


      • We offer Top Fishing Charters in Cabo Loaded with Amenities for a Luxurious Sea Ride and Equipped with the Best Fishing Equipment So that Anglers Can Bait, Hook and Catch Their Prey with Utmost Ease

      For avid anglers who want to enjoy deep sea fishing and ride the waves luxuriously and in complete privacy, we also offer private fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas. With us, you can book a luxurious Cabo fishing yacht charter and enjoy a memorable time at sea with the people you love the most.

      Our luxury yachts charters are feature-rich and loaded with amenities that you deserve, expect, and desire. At Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, we strive to provide you with the most luxurious and best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas so that you enjoy an unforgettable fishing trip in style and luxury. And that is not an overstatement. 

      To deliver the ultimate sports fishing experience to anglers, our luxury Cabo fishing charters include amenities like:

      • Top-of-the-line fishing equipment and electronic gadgets for quick game fish navigation
      • Water toys to play with like kayaks, snorkel gear, wave runners, and paddle boards
      • On-board private chefs who prepare the finest and lip-smacking sea food to treat your taste buds
      • Round trip transportation service to ensure that you and your guests are dropped off at the right place
      • Comfortable master cabins and guest rooms
      • Fishing licenses
      • Live Baits
      • Services like cleaning of the fish that you catch

      Whether you’re searching for Cabo deep sea fishing charters, or Cabo San Lucas fly fishing charters, with us, you can get it all and that too, at the best prices that will have you smiling.   

      Our fleet of luxurious sport fishing charters in Cabo includes an awesome range of high-end and ultra-stylish yachts that are designed for comfortable and enjoyable long range game fishing trips in deep waters of Cabo. From 60 to 90 foot luxury yachts, we have the widest inventory for you to explore and choose from. These luxury yachts are best if you want to go deep fishing in Cabo San Lucas or are heading out at sea with a large group of anglers comprising of 12 to 15 people.

      We are confident that once you charter any of our luxury Cabo sports fishing yachts, you’ll be coming back for more, just like all of our other satisfied customers. For more information or to request a quote, view our Cabo Yacht Charters page today!

      • Experienced and Professional Crew on Fishing Charters Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

      From the best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas to the best service, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you enjoy the best time game fishing in the waters of Cabo.

      To offer our customers excellence in service, we have on board the best, professional and above all highly-trained staff. Our crew is experienced at sports fishing and heads out to the sea with you to help you experience the thrill and joy of game fishing, like never before.

      Our team provides you with guidance and has technical expertise that you can truly benefit from especially if you’re sports fishing in Cabo for the first time. We can teach you the tricks and techniques to troll fish, how to use live and artificial baits and more importantly, how to catch your prey.

      • We Spare You from the Hassle of Finding the Right Fishing Grounds

      With us, you don’t have to waste your time and energy finding the right fishing ground in Cabo San Lucas to indulge in game fishing. Our experienced crew helps you with it. That’s right; we don’t just provide you with top fishing charters in Cabo but we also take you to the best fishing grounds in and around Cabo San Lucas.

      Based on our rich experience and solid understanding of the marine world under the deep blue waters of Cabo San Lucas, we know exactly where to go and what spot would be highly concentrated with sports fish during different seasons, throughout the year.

      So, when you book Marlin fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas from us, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying the greatest sea adventure as our experienced crew takes you the ultimate fishing spots where you can find Stripped Marlin in abundance.

      Similarly, if you want to try your luck at catching big Yellow Fin Tuna, super charged Roosterfish, Mahi Mahi or Skip Jack game fish bite, then book fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas with us, because only we can take you to the best grounds.

      And wait, there’s more! If you visit Cabo off-season, even then, you can enjoy great fishing here because we know exactly what areas around Cabo are concentrated with game fish.

      At Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, we can take you to some of the hot spots for sports fishing in Cabo San Lucas such as Finger Bank, Tinaje Trough, 1150 Bank and Gordo Banks to name a few.

      • We Provide Anglers and Sports Fishing Fans Access to Weekly Cabo Fishing Reports So That You Know What to Expect in the Sea

      As our crew is mostly out at sea, battling the winds, currents and catching game fish bite in Cabo, we continue to share our experience with all sports fishing anglers and fans through our weekly fishing reports in Cabo San Lucas.

      Our Cabo San Lucas fishing reports are quite useful and informational for both beginners and pros. In our weekly fishing reports we provide you with all the details of our amazing catch stories, average sea temperature and humidity levels, and what you can expect in the waters of Cabo San Lucas at different time of the year.

      Go through our fishing reports to ensure that you don’t miss your shot at finding big schools of Yellow Fin Tuna or quintessential Billfish fisheries.

      As the weather in Cabo heats up, the summer season will mark the kick off season for inshore Roosterfish sports fishing. Additionally, you can also enjoy great fishing action as Amber Jacks, Yellow Tail and Spanish mackerel concentrate the waters in and around Cabo San Lucas.

      • We Strive for Full Customer Satisfaction

      At Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, we strive for full customer satisfaction in every possible way. Whether it’s the prices, variety of Cabo San Lucas fishing charters, fishing reports or services, we make sure that at Tag Cabo Sports Fishing, we offer you the best in whatever we have to offer because we are in the business to build long-term trust based customer relationships not just our financial bottom-line.

      We want to share the joy of sports fishing in Cabo San Lucas with all anglers and fans, and make sure that you come back for more.

      So, if you’re all set to explore the deep waters of Cabo San Lucas and ready to battle it out with agile and acrobatic game fish in the sea, then get in touch with us!

      Explore our fishing charters in Cabo, Mexico and Book now for the Summer, 2017!

      You can email us at:  tagsportfishing@gmail.com

      Or call on the following numbers:

      US and Canada: 01 52 624 168 9544

      Local: 624.168.9544



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      These guys really know the business. They have exceeded my expectations every time. Great boats and even more important great crews make the difference. Counting the days to my next trip.

      Jay Dekovic


      • First class fishing. Tag Cabo works their butts off to put fish in the boat. They will do their best to catch a target species if you choose. Friendly affordable service. It’s always a pleasure to fish with Tag Cabo. I would like to personally thank Arturo for the best fishing trips of my life. I’ll be back soon for more great times.

        Howard Bornman
      • These guys really know the business. They have exceeded my expectations every time. Great boats and even more important great crews make the difference. Counting the days to my next trip.

        Jay Dekovic
      • These guys are great! I’ve caught marlin, dorado, tuna, and roosterfish with these guys over the years. I always reach out to them before I head down to Cabo to make sure I am fishing everyday while on vacation.

        Jeremy Jennings
      • My girlfriend and I went out with Tag Cabo sportfishing for three days and we had the best time. We got to see the sights there, and a little of the local geography, saw a ton of marine life, and most importantly, put us on the fish! we went out on the 55 foot yacht with the personal chef, absolutely the best trip of a lifetime! money well spent!

        Brian Brown
      • Had a great trip with these guys last Thur Nov 12, These guys do service top notch. It was a slow day overall fishing but still managed to hook up with 6 different striped Marlin!

        Justin O’Neal